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NextGenWeb NextGenWeb

NextGenWeb is an open discussion forum of how broadband, and the networks that support it, affect our lives. NGW is where real people from all across our country talk about how they use broadband to solve some of America’s most pressing societal issues; keeping and creating jobs, enhancing health care, helping modernize our education system, protecting our environment and making public safety a priority.

The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM)

The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) at The George Washington University seeks to improve politics by educating students and professionals in the tools, principles and values of participatory democracy, preparing them for careers as ethical and effective advocates and leaders at the international, national and local levels – in a non-partisan environment.

The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet (IPDI)

The Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet (IPDI) is part of the Graduate School of Political Management of The George Washington University. Its mission is to promote the use of the Internet and new communication technologies in politics to enhance democratic values, encourage citizen participation and improve governance, at home and abroad; in short, to “democratize democracy.”

The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) Congressional Management Foundation (CMF)

The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a more effective Congress. For the past decade, CMF has been researching the use of information technology in House and Senate offices to help bring traditional congressional offices into the modern age. CMF was the first to address this critical need and is the leading expert on information and communication technology use in House and Senate offices. Our technology research and services seek to help congressional offices utilize best practices when it comes to all forms of online communications.

Sunlight Foundation Sunlight Foundation
Microsoft Microsoft

Microsoft is dedicated to helping government organizations become more agile. By providing a secure, reliable software platform to help agencies more effectively meet their mission, government can serve the public at any time, any place and on any device. As the world’s leading software provider for desktop computers and mobile devices, we engineer products that provide customers choice — no matter what technology your agency prefers, .NET connected software from Microsoft helps government link employees, citizens, data and organizations. www.microsoft.com/government/developeror to interact with our developer evangelism team visit: http://blogs.msdn.com/publicsector.

Microsoft is also contributing tangible benefits to the cause of open government data with the recently released Microsoft Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI). OGDI is an open source starter kit developed by Microsoft to help government agencies publish data that can be queried by using open web programming interfaces (AP I’s). Data housed in OGDI services can be accessed from a variety of client technologies such as Silverlight, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, mapping web sites, and more. OGDI enables government, business and “citizen developers” to develop real applications using government data regardless of skill set. Information about the initiative can be found here: http://www.opengovdi.com.

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Communibuild Technologies, Inc. Communibuild Technologies, Inc.
Open Forum Foundation Open Forum Foundation

Want meaningful political dialogue between citizens, advocacy groups, and members of Congress? That’s what we’re doing! We’re a DC based nonprofit, and our first goal is to make Twitter useful for members of Congress.

SiteWorx Siteworx

Siteworx offers Fast, Focused, Forward-Thinking Web site design and product development solutions through deep expertise in user experience, a wide range of Web development platforms and an award-winning creative design team. From mobile applications and social media strategies–iPhone/Mobile apps, social media, blogs, RSS–to CMS, enterprise search and analytics solutions, Siteworx delivers improved performance to an impressive roster of clients including AOL, The College Board, Discovery Communications, National Geographic and U.S. News & World Report. Siteworx is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

ForumOne Forum One

Forum One Communications is a internet strategy and web development firm based in Alexandria, Va. Since 1996, Forum One has helped hundreds of organizations and agencies engage constituencies, facilitate user collaboration, and make data content more accessible. Forum One is the creator of the award-winning applications Legistalker and Datamasher. Legistalker provides citizens a continuously-updated, customizable feed of the activities of U.S. senators and members of congress. Datamasher helps citizens create fun mashups and visualizations of federal data to see how how states compare on important issues.

3121 3121

3121 is a first-of-its kind prototype feature slated to launch off of NationalJournal.com on September 17, 2009. It is a professional network, available only to subscribers with a valid Senate or House email address. The site itself features a dynamic directory of Hill staffers, brought to life by its members in the style of a traditional social network, but in this case one meant to encourage networking and to be utilized as a collaboration tool. It has been in private beta testing since July 2009 and is now being more widely rolled out. Through initial feedback and testing from hundreds of staffers, the dynamic directory has stood out as the most innovative and desired element, as users have spent hours browsing, searching for and discovering Hill colleaguesin a manner previously not possible.

AmericaSpeaks AmericaSpeaks

AmericaSpeaks gives citizens an authentic voice in local, regional and national decision-making on the most challenging public issues of the day. We are a nonpartisan organization based in Washington, D.C.


Act.ly Act.ly

Fire up your followers with simple, powerful activism tools designed to take full advantage of Twitter. Just a few of the high profile users include America’s Voice, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Free Press, David All, Greenpeace, Democrats.com, GetUp, and Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

OpenMeetings OpenMeetings

OpenMeetings.org is a video transcription and annotation platform built from entirely free and open source software. Launched in June 2009 and inspired by MetaVid (metavid.org), the open video archive of the U.S. Congress, OpenMeetings.org hosts recordings from the 2009 Open Video Conference, 2009 Wiki–Conference New York, and meetings related to shared governance at The Pennsylvania State University. Project goals are to increase availability, discoverability, and liberty to comment on archived meetings in an effort to improve the degree of informed civil discourse across a broad range of political issues

Garvin Information Consulting Garvin Information Consulting

Garvin Information Consulting helps businesses, government agencies, and individuals develop competitive information skills. We specialize in providing training, content development, and consulting in the area of U.S. government information online.

Citizens for Civil Discourse Citizens for Civil Discourse

Citizens for Civil Discourse is a non-partisan organization that advocates for increased voter privacy rights. This session we are working closely with Sen. Feinstein’s staff to pass S.1077 – The RoboCall Privacy Act. CCD is run by its 85,000 members and Shaun Dakin, CEO and Founder. Follow us on Twitter at @EndTheRoboCalls

GovLoop GovLoop

GovLoop.com is the “Facebook for Government” – the premier social network connecting over 16,500 government innovators from the Hill, federal government, as well as state and local levels.

You2Gov You2Gov

You2Gov offers a comprehensive Open Government solution utilizing the latest in Government 2.0 Technology. “Political Power for Real People” is not just a slogan, but a way of operating for You2Gov. Contact your elected representatives, track legislation, research vital Government data, all while participating in a key niche social network. You2Gov offers a private label open source social network that can be fully customized from an advocacy and content perspective for Government Agencies, Corporations and Trade Associations. You2Gov was the only Social Networking site listed on PC Magazine’s 2008 list of best political websites in the US.

GovTrack.us GovTrack

GovTrack.us was the first website to apply principles of open data and Web 2.0 to the U.S. Congress. The project innovates legislative tracking with the latest technology, from customized feeds to Google Maps mashups and legislative versioning. Its database of information about the U.S. Congress is the only open comprehensive source of such information and powers a number of other websites including OpenCongress.org and MAPLight.org.

FedScoop! FedScoop!

FedScoop is a full-service government media and marketing company, specializing in government IT news, new media advertising and custom turn-key strategic networking events.

FedScoop.com is the Government IT community’s most comprehensive, one-stop news source reaching notable influencers and voices in the community. FedScoop.com is the only independent aggregator of the most trusted and popular web sites that Government IT executives visit daily, to stay abreast of trends, best practices, business opportunities and news.

In addition to FedScoop.com, FedScoop delivers the popular “Weekly Scoop”, a must-have weekly email featuring exclusive articles from key government leaders, and summarizing the week’s most relevant news. The Weekly Scoop currently has over 15,000 subscribers, including most Federal CIOs, CTOs, Procurement Executives and Program Managers.

DistrictFile DistrictFile

DistrictFile.com is an invitation-only social networking site for politicos. The site boasts a bipartisan roster of high level political professionals, both in Washington, D.C. and around the world. Our membership includes Capitol Hill staffers and Members of Congress, senior operatives from state and federal governments, campaigns, lobbying shops, media, think tanks, the World Bank, Wall Street, and even the EU Parliament.

Senior Fellows & Friends

Senior Fellows and Friends

Senior Fellows and Friends is an evolving multi-sector network of leaders who want to participate in improving government by engaging in constructive conversation. Network members come together for events produced by a U.S. Department of Education employee. Programming and participants have varied widely since 2003.

Online Townhalls OnlineTownhalls

OnlineTownhalls.com is a tool which helps elected officials engage constituents in a meaningful way on a large scale. The technology creates a space for deeper conversation especially on controversial issues and can work in conjunction with face-to-face town hall meetings.

IBM - Smart Government IBM

Smarter government for a smarter planet.
Smarter government will do more than simply regulate the outputs of our economic and societal systems. It will be a smoothly functioning system itself, interconnecting dynamically with citizens, communities and businesses in real time to spark growth, innovation and progress. There are many challenges, but governments around the world are showing real progress.

Grasshopr Grasshopr

Grasshopr is a grassroots advocacy platform where groups and organizations can build and manage advocacy campaigns and
communities. Grasshopr connects each individual to their elected officials at the federal, state, and local level and gives them communication tools to get more engaged in the public policy process. With Grasshopr, groups can efficiently target their advocacy efforts and elected officials can build strong relationships with their constituents.