This is the center point for planning CongressCamp. If you’d like to participate in making this camp everything it can be, please join the CongressCamp Google Group and sign up for an account here on this website. Then you can join in the festivities as well as anyone else!!


The next in-person meeting will be 6pm Thursday night, September 10 at GWU – 805 21st St NW DC; 4th floor.


Getting Sponsors

Please help us to locate sponsors. Here is a very pretty one page description of what CongressCamp is that you can use.


  • Confirmed as George Washington University Institute for Politics, Democracy, and the Internet at 805 21st St NW DC.

Pre-Camp Hill Session

  • The Pre-Camp Hill Session is specifically targeted for Congressional staffers only.
  • It will be the morning of September 11 at 10am.
  • The proposed schedule is as follows:
    • Wayne Moses Burke, Open Forum Foundation
      MC, Opens the session with a discussion of why CongressCamp will be cool.
    • John Wonderlich, Sunlight Foundation
      Short presentation on exciting examples of how new media has been used on the Hill to improve constituent communications.
    • Quad Panel
      One new media director ( or similar position ) from each quadrant of Congress (Senate/House, Dem/Rep) discussing new media and constituent communications.’
  • The end goal of the session is to get staffers excited about what will be going on at CongressCamp.
  • We expect it to draw about 200 staffers.


  • Unique components:
    • In order to make it useful to staffers, we will have a room designated for ’staffers only’ so that they can talk freely amongst themselves.
    • It has also been suggested that we plan for sessions at the end of each day during which experts on the Franking rules can help staffers to understand how they can apply what they learned while staying within House Congressional limitations.



  • $450 breakfast ($2.25/person)
  • $1000 lunch ($5/person)
  • $300 coffee and drinks ($1.50/person)
  • Happy Hour ????
  • Total: $1750


  • $450 breakfast ($2.25/person)
  • $1000 lunch ($5/person)
  • $300 coffee and drinks ($1.50/person)
  • Total: $1750


  • $850 venue
  • $200 paper plates, cups, utensils ($1/person)
  • $200 office supplies ($1/person)
  • Total: $1250

Additional (these are optional expenses that will be nice if we get the sponsorships to cover them)

  • Happy Hour $??
  • Kaliya’s airfare $350?
  • Christiana Aretta photography $150

Total budget: $4750 (w/o happy hour)


Desc Details Cost


Name Amount Paid
Platinum Sponsors
Institute for Politics, Democracy, & the Internet
Graduate School for Political Management
at George Washington University
in-kind space
NextGenWeb $500 $500
Congressional Management Foundation $500 $500
Sunlight Foundation $500 $500
Microsoft $500 $500
Gold Sponsors
Noel Dickover $400
Open Forum Foundation $400
SiteWorx $250 $250
Forum One $250 $250
3121 (National Journal) $300 $300
AmericaSpeaks $250 $250
Sponsors $100 $100
Open Meetings $50 $50
Garvin Consulting $50 $50
Citizens for Civil Discourse $50 $50
GovLoop $50 $50
You2Gov $50 $50
GovTrack $50 $50
FedScoop $50 $50
Senior Fellows and Friends $50 $50
IBM – A Smarter Planet $50 $50
District File $50 $50 $50 $50
Grasshopr $50 $50
Totals $4500 $2650