Sep 09

Location, Location, …

Saturday, September 12th

Registration opens at 8am
The event runs from 9am – 5pm
Happy hour to follow

Sunday, September 13th

Registration opens at 8am
The event runs from 9am – 4pm


George Washington University
805 21st St NW
Washington, DC 20052
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Aug 09

What sort of sessions will there be?

CongressCamp is all about giving YOU the opportunity to ask your questions, share your experiences, discuss your difficulties, and most importantly -  learn from others. So there are no set sessions pre-scheduled.

However, we’ve created the following list of possible sessions to give you an idea of what you can expect:

  • Advantages (and disadvantages?) of using social media on the Hill
  • Organizing and managing social media and online information
  • Administrative obstacles of using Web 2.0 tools as a staffer
  • Tools and tricks for engaging with constituents online
  • Building the official website of today and tomorrow
  • How broadband and digital literacy impact participation and advocacy
  • Getting Member buy-in, what to do to move office resources into Gov 2.0
  • Starting and maintaining an outstanding blog and Twitter account

Have some other ideas or things you’d like to see covered? Add them in the comments below. See you on the 12th!

Aug 09

Join Us!!

Are you:

  • a Congressional staffer using social media to communicate with constituents?
  • developing new technology to connect Congressional offices to citizens?
  • working to ensure that citizens voices are heard on the Hill?
  • a private citizen interested in social media and how it’s making Congress more accessible?

Then please join us on September 12th and 13th in Washington, DC for a barcamp focused on these issues.

  • Attendance is free, although you are required to participate! RSVP early – it’s going to fill up.
  • Sponsorships keep CongressCamp free, and you get public recognition both on the website and during the event as a supporter of a brighter future!
  • Promote the event!! Help us get the word out about CongressCamp. Blog, email your friends, post to Facebook and tweet about #CongCamp to ensure all those interested are aware of the event.
  • Volunteers are both welcome and needed to help pull off a great event.