NOTES: News + Real-time + Congress =?

NOTES: News + Real-time + Congress =?

Hash tags are a very useful in organizing and grouping information and feeds
Can set up Google reader and other RSS readers to follow hash tags. Much more reliable and effective than twitter search. Can set up Google new alerts for hash tags too.
The strategy is more important than the tools, because the tools change and evolve.

Hash tags can be easily be abused by spammers. Big event like the Iran protests. Spammers got on the hash tags and Iranian Intelligence starting putting false information into the hash tag stream and were retweeted.

What is the goal of the dialogue?

Identity of social media accounts? Consistency over time builds a personal history that leads to validity and creditability.

Verified twitter accounts. House leadership has attempted to be verified, but twitter has refused in some cases because the accounts are unlikely to impersonated. Should the congressional community themselves verify accounts by keeping a congressional list.

Hash tagging bills has been started by

What is the point of crowdsourcing legislation?
-Why crowdsource reading bills? Capitalize on value of collective intelligence, catalyze citizen engagement, etc.

What things should elected officials post?
-Post it all and see what people are looking at and commenting on?

The key for congressional offices is validation of address to ensure they are communicating with constituents.

Do you think a congressperson should friend everyone who friends them?
-some no
-some yes
-they should who that find helpful and useful
-the official account should follow everyone who follows them to build a conversation
-can follow hash tags and keywords to follow and be involved in the conversation
-if you follow someone, it allows non-transparent communication through Direct messaging

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